Slobodan Vrkacevic


Slobodan Vrkacevic
Name: Slobodan Vrkačević (eng. Slobodan Vrkacevic)
Born: December 30, 1976, Tuzla, BiH
Nationality: BiH and Serbian (dual citizenship)
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 176 385 87114


A software developer with a good understanding of electronics. Mainly program in C and C++. Used to develop software that is usually near hardware. Solves software complexity using Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control principles. Has lot of experience with Qt on Desktop and Embedded platforms. Familiar with Verilog and Altera tools.

Big fan of Java although rarely using it in commercial projects. Borrows ideas and good practices from that world.

Generalist. Interested in bigger picture. Deep thinker. Creative person with innovative ideas. Team player.

Short Biography

Born in 1976 in Tuzla (BiH, Europe). Lived in several cities in BiH and Serbia. Hooked with electronics in the Secondary School of Electric Engineering in Banjaluka (BiH). Finished the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Belgrade University. Received Dipl. Ing. degree (equivalent to M.Sc) in the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Theory. Worked as self-employed and for few international companies. Have dual citizenship, BiH and Serbian. Currently works and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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