Slobodan Vrkacevic


This is the personal website of Slobodan Vrkacevic, a software developer and an electrical engineer who currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

Here you can find more information about me and my work. My contact information, profile and short biography can be found on the About page. My publicly available projects are listed on the page Projects. Occasionally I'm bloging about some interesting things on the Blog page.

For now, my best known work is probably Cute4j. That is a set of Qt libraries packed for Java developers. More information about Cute4j can be found on the project site

To contact me please send me an e-mail or just phone me. See the About page.


2011-09-09 21:12
Moved to Hamburg, Germany.

2010-01-28 23:20
Site launched.

2010-01-07 14:53
Cute4j Twitter account created. Follow @Cute4j

2010-01-07 10:29
Cute4j project created on Google Code.

2010-01-06 11:06
Cute4j Internet domain name registered.

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